Jan. 19th, 2009

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Jeez.  There's so much snow here right now.  Pictures later, promise.  The good news is that I'm not going to school tomorrow and life is good again.

So, my best friend was born on Valentine's Day and this year, she turns 17.  We're both pretty pumped, but, of course, something always comes up.  Last years dilemma was finding time on her birthday for her and my boyfriend at the time because it was our anniversary.  This year, there's a show that night that I really want to go to.

The city I live in is getting pretty big because of the good bands that have come from here.  Ever heard of The Showdown?  I know them pretty well, I've met them more times than I can count.   I've also met Inhale Exhale [who you've probably never heard of] and the band I'm gonna go see on Valentine's Day:  Say You Will.  There are no words for how fantastic those boys are, holy crap.  They're just so good and they're really nice too, always up for a good talk before or after the show.

But anyway, I'm going to her house right after school so we can relax and eat ice-cream and have general Litter Of Puppies time [it's a long story].  Then I'm going straight from her house to The Hideaway and it's gonna be insane. 

In other news, my 18th birthday is coming up and I've already decided what I'm gonna do.  It's on a school day, so I'm gonna wear my tiara and generally goof off.  Then, after school, Bee [the best friend] is picking me up and we're gonna go to Barnes and Noble to drink expensive coffee, then to the mall to shop for a bit.  After Litter Of Puppies time, she's bringing me to the house so I can eat cake and go to dinner with my mom, sister, and Nic.  =]  Nic's gonna spend the night and we're gonna stay up and watch Will & Grace until we pass out.  The weekend after, my older sister is taking me to a gay bar and I can't wait =].  It's gonna be epic.  

Seriously, I love my life.  

You know, I really think that 17 is the longest year of anyone's life.  It feels like I've been 17 for decades... but I'm also afraid that, once I turn 18, time is going to speed up just to piss me off.


But it's okay.  Life is good.

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