Apr. 6th, 2009

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I don't even know, at this point.

Fandom is making me really sad, because the boys are off making no sense whatsoever.  Something Big happened, and it feels like something with those boys has shifted drastically.  I will never believe in Ryan and Jon, I just won't.  Mainly because it feels to me that, the reason Jon stayed with Ryan is because Brendon wanted Spencer with him for the simple reason that Spencer was as close to Ryan as he was going to get at the time.  He was taking what he could get because he was feeling so damn lost.  I also agree with [livejournal.com profile] lolab  about the whole 'SEE? I'M FINE WITHOUT YOU!' thing.  Brendon was trying too hard on purpose, just to get Ryan to notice him again.

Srsly.  Bandom makes my head hurt.  There's so much fic that I want to write, but I really do not have time to write anything.  I barely have time to eat and sleep and do homework.  Life is sort of kicking my ass right now and it sucks.  And  I know that it's gonna get worse once I start college in the fall, especially with my goal of making the Dean's List. 

High hopes, I guess.

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Before  I go to bed, I'm going to rant about a stupid girl at my high school on my LJ instead of freaking out on her over Myspace.  Drama is stupid, and if I just rant about it now, I won't even think about it again.

1.  I have listened to Fall Out Boy since 2003.  No, not from the beginning.  But honestly, who has?
2.  I have wanted to be an Overcast Kid since 2003 as well.  The only reason that I'm not one is that I wouldn't be a die-hard for my mom not being able to pay a bill because I wanted to be in a fan club.  I would just be stupid.
3.  Joining a fan-club does not mean one thing.  It doesn't make you better than me, and it sure as hell doesn't mean that you're a 'bigger fan' than me.
4.  Just for the record, if you were a die-hard, you would know what 'Evening Out With Your Girlfriend' is.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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