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Come on guys, I want to answer some more questions =]

But, in other news... it's 6 degrees outside here an it just stopped snowing and, for whatever reason, the school system I'm in is not closed tomorrow.  Maybe it's just my county, but they let us out for snow even when it's just really cold outside.  I want a day off.   I need it.

To distract myself, I found a pretty new Will & Grace mood theme =]  Have I talked about how much I love my Nic lately?  No?  Okay, then.  He stays up late to watch Will & Grace with me and my mom lets him drive her car, just because he loves to.  He bought me a hat for christmas:

I love it.  But he kept it for like, 2 weeks before he gave it to me because it looks better on him.  He's taking me to see Coraline as soon as it comes out because he loves Tim Burton and I love fairy tales.  There are no words, I love him.

I've been writing a lot these past few days, mostly just random bits of poetry.  But I did write a couple of stand-alones that I really like, but that also need some work.  So, Imma send 'em to my lovely beta and see if I ever clean them up enough to post them.  

Today, I totally skipped out on choir practice because, really, I just didn't feel like singing.  Not anything classical, anyway.  Have I mentioned yet that I sing?  I love to sing and it doesn't even matter that I suck sometimes because I just love it so much.   Especially when I sing with Nic.

His voice is so amazing and I think I love it so much because it's so <i>low</i>.  All the women in my family sing and I'm so used to voices that are in higher octaves so Nic's naturally low voice [that can hit the high notes] just amazes me.  Ugh, I love it.

My house is fuckin' freezing.  I hate the cold, but whatev. 

I'm gonna make some ice-cream.  Ben & Jerry's.  Chocolate chip cookie dough =]

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