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It's quiet, following just behind your
shadow, sneaking just outside your
field of vision.  a small laugh that you
barley catch, just a turn of your head
and you still can't hear me, see me,
can you feel me? feel my love, soft,
just out of your reach.  just what you
thought you would never need, and
now you're finding it hard to breathe
without my smile to calm your nerves.
I will not be the drug that soothes your
troubled thoughts and I refuse to be
your last resort.  I can't help but want
to be your safety net, the one place you
can fall and softly land, a safe place that
only we can find.  we will follow the road
where it turns to gravel, take off our shoes
as it is reduced to dust, part the tall grass
by the water and squish our toes through
the mud.  I would tell you that I love you,
but you would only run.  and I would only
let you, dip my feet in the cool river, tread
water until I cannot see, cannot feel,
cannot hear your broken voice as it rings
in my ears:  'nothing we love will ever stay
the way we want it to, beauty fades and
love was created to be taken away', oh but
I never got the chance to tell you that love
is never created or destroyed, it just is, and
it is a gift, one that never leaves, but changes
forms.   water fills my ears and your heavy
footsteps have long faded, and my love
for you is waiting in every piece of this
mess I mistake for a heart, pulsing through
every beat and it has filled my body with
a fire that only you can put out, and you
have doused it yet again. 

I don't know what to say for myself.  Sometimes I just write, with no regard for the mess I make.

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